Eight women from the Castle

Manželky prezidentů
President’s wives

Biographical vignettes of the Czechoslovak presidents’ wives.











In ten chapters of this book the author tells the life stories of the wives of all Czechoslovak presidents: eight that stood alongside their men during their presidency, and two that did not live to see them take up presidential office. Based on available materials – literary and archive sources, memories of living family members and other eyewitnesses – the author attempted to piece together a depiction of their personalities, the twists and turns of their fates and how their husbands’ political activity and public functions influenced their personal life, as well as how they in turn affect the lives and careers of their partners.



Nine women from the Castle, 1999
Osm žen z Hradu
Eight women from the Castle, 1993

Author: Pavel Kosatík

Genre: Educational literature, biographies

Year of publication: 1993
Number of pages: 340
Publishing house: Mladá fronta

ISBN: 80-204-0367-1


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