Abe Korkorán’s final wager

Poslední sázka Abe Korkorána
Abe Korkorán´s final wager

The Cosmic Commodore Abe Korkorán spends his life travelling the universe, Captain MacFach is a time traveller.

Both of the adventurers are brought together by a wager: A man is to be brought from the distant past into the twenty-third century to fulfil a secret task. Others travel into the past instead, however, so MacFach and Abe Korkorán are inexorably faced with fighting a battle against those who want to rob mankind of its history.







Author: Pavel Kosatík

Genre:  Novels, Science fiction and fantasy
Year of publication: 1992
Number of pages: 154
Publishing house: Vydavatelství Milana Horálka
illustration/photo: Martin Zhouf


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