Tomáš Bím. Studio

The painter Tomáš Bím and I were at one time near-neighbours, with only a few hundred metres between our houses on the Berounka river, in the vicinity of Dobřichovice. I fell in love both with his paintings, and Tomáš Bím’s lifestyle. I enjoy his humour and the rock music he loves and understands. In addition to his paintings and graphics I was from the beginning captivated by how Tomáš went about developing his Studio. He fills it with not just his own creations, but also with all kinds of objects he has stumbled across on his life’s journey. I think Bím’s Studio is his most comprehensive life’s work. That is why I asked Petr Králík to take a set of photos of the Studio, overall and in detail, and accompanied his photos with snippets of conversations Tomáš Bím and I have had over a number of years.


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