Talks with TGM

On 26 September 1928 at half past ten in the morning in the park of the castle in Slovak Topoľčianky there was a meeting of two men, President T. G. Masaryk and the writer Karel Čapek. They decided to conclude their work on the first part of the ‘Talks with TGM’ books they had been working on that year. It is not known what they said to each other that day, but we do know the conversation lasted some 90 minutes: just like the film that seeks to reconstruct this important meeting. It takes place at a time when the ČS Republic, so embodied by Masaryk and Čapek, was celebrating its first ten years, and standing historically at its zenith. Looking beneath the surface things appear more complex, not only politically, but in terms of the psychology of both men. The older one doesn’t want to be just an all-admired ‘papa’ and the younger one has far more to offer than being just ‘his master’s voice’, but to be a promoter of noble ideas, even the most democratic ones. The film features two excellent actors. It opens in the Spring of 2018, on the hundredth anniversary of the Republic.


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