More by word of mouth – the thirty-sixers

„Ústně více“. Šestatřicátníci
More by word of mouth – the thirty-sixers

In the first half of the 1950s the friendship of two then fledgling poets, Jiří Paukert-Kuběna and Václav Havel, led to the founding of the ‘thirty-sixers’ literary group (named after the year of birth of most of its members).










The group brought together young men and women who believed in their own literary talent while at the same time not intending to discredit themselves by writing for the then ruling regime. The book captures the existence of the thirty-sixers group from its prehistory in the early 1950s through the ‘heyday’ of its members in the fifties and sixties (by then only individually, as the group had disbanded) and the biographies of its members in later years.


Author: Pavel Kosatík

Genre: non-fiction
Year of publication: 2006

Number of pages: 320

Publishing house: Host

ISBN: 807-294-192-5


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