The Life of Olga Havlová

Člověk má dělat to, nač má sílu

The Life of Olga Havlová

Before Václav Havel became President, few people knew of Olga Havlová. In just a few years she won the respect of thousands of her fellow citizens. To this day we hear about her noble spirit, her strength of personality. A sizeable portion of the book is about her role as First Lady, but the author has his sights set beyond the domain of formal presentations and well-worn myths, to capture the openness and particulars of her dramatic life.


Člověk má dělat, nač má sílu

Author: Pavel Kosatík

Genre: Educational literature, biographies and memoirs
Year of publication:1997

Number of pages: 320

Publishing house: Mladá fronta
Edition: Osudy

ISBN: 80-204-0667-0


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Olga Havlova. Opowieść o niezwykłym życiu

Polish version

Pavel Kosatík: Olga Havlova. Opowieść o niezwykłym życiu

(przeł. Andrzej S. Jagodziński)

Warszawa 2003

ISBN 83-89217-31-7



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