Prairie Pals

Kamarádi z prérie
Prairie Pals

An adventure on the Oregon Trail (with Magda Ziková and Jiří Petráček)

A comic novel set in the Wild West, which with a thrilling storyline brings closer the historical events on the Oregon Trail, where the Native Americans’ struggle for their rights is coming to a head.
The heroes of the story are two boys, the native boy called ‘Hailstorm’ and the white boy Dick Thompson, who become friends in dramatic circumstances. Their camaraderie is subjected to numerous tests. They also live the everyday life in a Native village where Dick discovers the good and bad sides of Native American life …




Author: Pavel Kosatík

Genre:  Comics
Year of publication: 1991
Number of pages: 101
Publishing house: Knižní podnikatelský klub
Illustration/photo: Jiří Petráček

ISBN: 80-85267-25-X

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