I am the oats

Já jsem oves
I am the oats

An interview with Madla Vaculíková.


The name Madla Vaculíková is not wholly unknown to the public. On the contrary – those who revere Ludvík Vaculík may have the impression of being intimately familiar with her from his books; for many, she remains a ‘literary figure’. Only recently has she embarked on literature herself, as the author of two books of letters to Jiří Kolář, and has at once captivated readers with her views and her wise take on current social and cultural events. It would seem that there is little to add to her ‘image’. But is that really the case? Who is the real Madla Vaculíková, how does she see her life from today’s perspective – having spent the greater part of it alongside a major Czech writer and dissident?





Já jsem oves
Já jsem oves

Author: Pavel Kosatík

Genre: Biography and memoirs

Year of publication:2002

Number of pages: 156

Publishing house: Dokořán, Jaroslava Jiskrová – Máj

ISBN: 80-86569-35-7, 80-86643-03-4

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